DMC 145 - 1994 Melody of Love (Junior Vasquez Mix)

This has to be one of my top ten favorite songs ever. The song (not this mix) was the Billboard #1 dance hit of 1994. It's one of those songs I can't get enough of. I don't have a lot of support on this -- I play it for friends thinking that they will see the pure genius of it, but I rarely get the response I'm hoping for. Who cares though... fuck all y'all!

Perhaps one of the reasons that I want everyone to love listening to this record as much as I do is that I paid $90 for it. I paid $90 for it when I was broke as shit! I paid $90 for it and when I got the record I found that there was a flaw in the intro of the song (you'll hear it if you listen to the link below). Not only did I pay $90 for it, but I paid an additional $20 to Thomas Cook to get an international money order to pay the eBay seller in the Netherlands (this was 1998, pre-PayPal). Okay, so I'm a tool... I paid $110 for the friggin' flawed record.

Despite all the above, I still get chills each and every time I hear Donna's into... she's all talking about how she never knew this and that about love... it's really beautiful... then the giant SKIP SKIP of the record flaw comes in and my chills are replaced with anger.

Another reason that most of my friends don't like this song is that they don't get the Junior Vasquez thing. I was a complete and total Juniorphile in the mid 1990's, as were all of my friends. This song brings me to a time and place.. although I'm not sure what that time and place is... my memories of that era in my life are a bit... umm... cloudy. But as I said before, fuck all y'all... and... "Junior! One more, PLEASE!!"

Enjoy: Track Removed


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