So my friend Jamie at work took this photo at last night's Yankees/Red Sox game. He sent it to me this morning and wanted to know if the guy was a bear or not. I find this hilarious on a couple of levels.

First, am I the office bear expert?? Methinks no because of the overwhelming number of bears involved with SIRIUS OutQ. Perhaps I'm just the most approachable of the bunch.

Second, have the bears ingrained themselves in pop-culture to an extent that straight boys are now wondering if the hairy chap sitting next to them at an MLB game is queer?? Fun fun!

So I told my friend that I wouldn't necissarily classify this guy as a bear. I told him that I'd probably say he was a CHUNK(MJQ and I have been obsessed with CHUNK as of late).

I can decide if it's hot or gross that he shaved the Yankees logo onto his chest. Thoughts??


Anonymous bryce said...

I am no 'bear' expert for sure, but I would say that I would NEVER shave my chest in any way. EW....

9:46 PM  
Anonymous Foxy said...


1:15 PM  
Anonymous seymour said...

my thoughts are with your esteemed readers.
if he was a bear, he aint no more! (confiscates bear membership)
seems as though the nair hair removal cream has been at work too. sinner!

7:18 AM  

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