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I packed up my bags and moved from DC to NYC on August 27, 1995. Over the past eleven years I’ve probably been back to DC ten times. The last time I was there was May 2002 and everything was pretty much the same as I remembered.

I went to DC this weekend for BLOWOFF… what a good fuckin’ time… the District is sooo different from last time I was there. I was stunned by all the new-build. It seems as though 17th Street is no longer faggela ground-zero… who woulda thunk that the limbo near 14th and P and Logan Circle would turn into such a swank area?!

Some highlights:

• Perfect companions… Damian, Peter, Ed
• Sorting the crowd with Peter… Gay face(GF), Hot Face(HF), and Braided Belt(BB)
• Old people… George, Michael, Tom, Jeff, Bob, Carl
• New People… TJ, Jimbo, Erik
• Music @ Blowoff… Never Be Alone by Simian, Beautiful by BLOWOFF, All This Love by The Similou… thank you thank you thank you!
Malcolm X Park with Damian and Ed
• Brunch at Kramerbooks
• Shots & beers
• 1,000 hot-faced chunky men and bears
• Being fresh meat
• Reconnecting with Sean after… 12 years!!
• The Cairo
• Trios
• Hanging in the salon with Colleen and Emily
• Taking the shuttle

More pictures here.

Maybe George or Jeff will put up some pics from BLOWOFF as well… hope so!


Anonymous copperred said...

Kramer's? Hmm well at least you boys got lots of cream.

I left before the vortex of the sidewalk sale started; hopefully you got swept up in it.

Good to see you guys again, and no you certainly aren't trashy tranny hookers. It's just that Mandy rhymed with "hiding my candy"

3:34 PM  
Blogger Paul said...

I like "mandy" as well as "trashy tranny hooker" you may call me either one as you please :)

4:10 PM  

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