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I went through some boxes of my stuff while I was home for the holidays. I found a letter that I wrote during my Sophomore year of college. it was to one of my high school friends. It is an epic 10 hand-written pages front and back. I wrote it over the course of about a two months, starting on March 15, 1993. For some reason I never mailed it.

It's too funny. Read some of the gems I came up with below. I forgot what 19 was like. This gave me a little reminder.

• I think that if I ever transferred schools I’d go to UGA. There are 28,000 people there and everyone is cool and looks like REM.

• We went thrifting and I bought a black sequined hat, a 5-foot long rave hat, a denim Texaco hat, a blue velour shirt w/ butterfly collar, and a wonderful polyester shirt w/ old fashioned advertising on it (also with a butterfly collar).

• We went to the 40 Watt club while we were there and saw these groups called Starclub and the Gin Blossoms.

• Oh, for a cool high buy Redi-Whip or another brand of aerosol whipped cream, let it settle for a while, then hold it upright, put your mouth on the nozzle and inhale the gas… it’s nitrous oxide that propels it!!! It’s such an intense short high!! It’s called “doing whip-its”.

• It’s Tuesday and I’m in my Between Peace and War class. I just got a paper back. I was sure I was going to get an F on it. I wrote it from 4 o’clock in the morning to 11AM, right before class. The Prof is a 55-year-old retired officer from the Air Force. It’s a hippy, peace-loving paper. I called it, “The Cold War: I’m glad it’s over, how ‘bout you?”. I got a surprise because I got an A-!!! he even said that he liked the title!

• Ohhh… I bleached my hair and then dyed it blue again. It looked pretty good, but it has now washed out so I sort of have tan hair now.

• Ohh.. on St. Patrick’s Day the Dead are playing at Capital Center. I’m not going because it costs $32.00, but I am going to the Dead Market to hang out and buy some pot and maybe some blotter and a nitrous balloon. That night I am going to see King Missile at the 9:30 club.

• Did I tell you my friends and I got caught drinking in the dorm? Well, we did. We were drinking cheap red wine and vodka & Tang and we got too loud and an R.A. caught us and wrote us up. We only have to do 3 hours of community service so we are doing a teen angst movie night. We are showing “River’s Edge”, “Pump Up The Volume” and “Permanent Record”. We can also order pizza and chips and the dorm will pay for it! So our punishment is to do something fun!

• My roommate’s birthday was on March 31st. We gave him cool shit. Molly, Blythe and Sue stole dishes from the dining hall and painted cool shit on them and I gave him a poster of a picture I took of us all playing dead on the Exorcist Steps in Georgetown.

• I FORGOT TO TELL YOU! Our Spring concert is on April 25th and it’s going to be 10,00 Maniacs! I know one of the guys who works security and he’s going to get me a pass so I can meet Natalie! JIZZ!

• There’s this guy Max I met. He’s so funky! He goes to the same club we do. He wears the best clothes… all disco and rave and a few dresses.

• I have enough Camel cash to get a Zippo now. But it’s fluorescent orange.. like I’m going to use it to go hunting?!

• I tried to give blood the other day, but I pierced a second hole in my ear with a safety pin and you can’t give blood for a year after that.


Anonymous bryce said...

OMG. What a goldmine! Too funny!

I would kill to find something like that from my past.

4:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha, that brings back memories. Dorm room parties!!

I remember that my roomate and I threw a dorm room party in a 10 x 15 foot dorm room, and we had 13 people show up...drinking, doing crazy bong hits and it ended up getting busted...but since my roomate and I had left our own party to go down to another party down the hall, we somehow escaped getting in trouble.

4:22 PM  

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