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hello dear this is mo from vancouver. nice meeting you man.

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Paul- From today's Montreal Gazette (couldn't find your email address):

After a 16-year dry spell, the city of Montreal plans to classify a slew of buildings and one site as municipal heritage landmarks.

The move, announced with little fanfare late last week, left heritage activists jubilant. It's not just the choice of buildings, which includes Habitat 67, that brought praise yesterday from Dinu Bumbaru, program director at Heritage Montreal. It's that it marks the first time since 1991 that the city will use its power to classify a building in the territory of pre-merger Montreal, he said.

"Hopefully, this will be the start of a series of listings," Bumbaru said.

The Habitat 67 apartment complex would become the only post-Second World War building in Montreal to get a municipal heritage designation, he said.

The executive committee also authorized the city's heritage council to hold a public information meeting next month on plans to classify Habitat 67, at 2600 Pierre Dupuy Ave., and the circa 1750s home of the Brignon dit Lapierre family at 4251 Gouin Blvd. E. in Montreal North.

The committee also asked the council to study the classification of part of Ile Ste. Helene as a heritage site.

Habitat 67, architect Moshe Safdie's innovative complex of cubes, is an important symbol of Expo 67, which put Montreal on the world map, executive committee member Andre Lavallee said. "How appropriate for the 40th anniversary of Expo 67," he said of the classification.

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