i can see a hurricane tonight

warm welcome, Crew, rodger's park, blueberry-orange sorbet, chipotle deviled eggs, cheese dip, sleeping in, architectural cruise on the chicago river, duck fat fries and shrimp & pork sausage at hot doug's, big chicks, jackhammer, touche, bad biscuits and gravy, charmer's, italian beef at portillo's, millenium park and the bean, market days in front of sidetrack, Dale from Top Chef in a dunking booth, superlitive mussels at hopleaf, andersonville, beach, evanston, a tough goodbye.

more chicago photos

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Anonymous posh gay said...

lovely photos

1:55 PM  
Anonymous bryce said...

i used to live in roger's park.

on the corner of sheridan and pratt!

in 1993...omg, i'm old.

3:50 PM  

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