Sonny J - Can't Stop Moving MIRWAIS MIX

LIVING for this... thanks Radio 1!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

dear paul,

i'm 22 and today i went to embarrassing lengths to almost get plowed by this beefy 35-year-old dude off manhunt. this is basically a first for me and now i'm asking some of my gay internet heroes:

what's the most embarrassing sex story you have from yr early sexual years?

ps. your site is the first place i heard 'blind' and you posted that video of 'longing for lullabies' like 3 months before i heard about kleerup from anywhere else. big thanks.

pps. is mirwais coming back or something? i've been hearing his name more and you seem to know these things sometimes.

ppps. i want to be a brooklyn bear when i grow up.

lastps. if you don't want to post this comment, just respond to any part you want at anonymousblogquestioner@gmail.com.

2:42 AM  

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