Hommage Olympique

In homage to the current Olympic games in Torino I'm featuring these two smash hits from Olympics past. In order to not assign preference to the songs, I'm going to write about them in chronological order... I'll let you be the judge as to which is the better song.

Marche des Athlètes #3 - André Mathieu

The 1976 Montreal Olympics are probably known most for the star of the games, fourteen-year-old Romanian gymnast, Nadia Comaneci. However, I think the real star of the games is the architecture of Le Stade Olympique. I mean, come on, it looks like an alien spacecraft, plus it has an observation deck... and I love me some observation decks!

I recently received the official soundtrack of the 1976 Montreal games from a friend of mine. Most of the tracks are standard pomp for the various opening and closing ceremonies. There is, however, one standout track that I'm featuring here. March of the Athletes #3 is a total anomaly to the rest of the tracks on the album. It sounds like it belongs in a blaxploitation film rather than in Olympic ceremonies... did Shaft participate in the '76 games??? I can't recall.

Anyhow, give it a listen: File removed... email me if you want to give it a listen.

Reach Out - Giorgio Moroder feat. Paul Engemann

I was in Europe on a family vacation during the '84 LA games. I have a really vivid memory of watching Mary Lou Retton win gymnastic gold while reading a MAD Magazine parody of Gremlins in a hotel in Frankfurt. I wonder what happens if you get Mary Lou wet???....

The main thing I have to say about Reach Out (the official theme for track and field events) is... WHAT THE FUCK, GIORGIO?! Mr. Moroder was gettin' paid for this track, that's for sure. Where's the brilliance of The Chase and Love To Love You Baby??? I was talking to my man about this track and we decided that it could be the closing credits track for just about any early to mid-eighties summer camp movie... or any feel good teen movie of the era. And, Mr. Engemann, there's a reason that I couldn't find a link for you anywhere online... your vocals pretty much bite! Seriously, the only reference I could find for Paul Engemann was for the Special Olympic theme song, "Push it to the Limit", that was featured in the Special Olympic episode of South Park.

Now that I have trashed this track, give it a listen: File removed... email me if you want to give it a listen.


Blogger Tommy said...

Thanks so much for these! The Marche des Athletes, wow! I've never heard that one before. That's some Quebec funk right there..

I'll admit, I have a bit of a soft spot for Moroder's '80's work, even if they weren't quite as edgy as his earlier work.. Aside from the lyrics and vocals (which are almost cringeworthy), I actually kinda like the '84 theme. It almost sounds like an outtake from that album he did for Philip Oakey..

9:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for file my e-mail

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want to only
Marche des Athlètes #3

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