I'd rather have a papercut on my eye

Okay. So I think I'm starting to hate Target. I tend to get really horny about certain brands and then after a while they start to lose their luster. For example, I used to be sooo into JetBlue... I thought it was such a hot company and even tried to get a job in their corporate HQ. I have two JetBlue bags and a JetBlue T-shirt. Now.. I'm not so into JetBlue... their fares aren't super cheap anymore and their frequent flyer program is sorta lame. I was wooed by their in-seat entertainment and minimal branding and the informal voice of their advertising.

MJQ hates Target... with good reason... they donate to Republican campaigns and their pharmacy won't sell RU486. I on the otherhand gush about Target like many many others in NYC. I'm over pronouncing Target all Frenchy and shit.. Tarzhay... and I can buy my adult pre-moistened baby-wipes at drugstore.com (umm... seriously, have you tried these? they will change your life).

The video above is fucked up. If you need this sorta motivation at work then you're retarded. I don't ever want my company to try to motivate me with song. Pay me more or give me a comp day or just leave me the fuck alone for twenty minutes... that's all the motivation I need.

Fast, fun and friendly!


Anonymous beercan said...

"Fast, fun and friendly" makes them sound like hobags. JetBlue still rocks though.

1:35 PM  
Anonymous Foxy said...

what is the point of adult baby-wipes, precisely?

4:55 PM  
Blogger Paul said...

Try them. You will understand. MJQ and I prefer to call them ass-wipes.

5:04 PM  

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