talk to me.. like computers do

I love to hear computers talk.

As a kid I used spend hours programming my Apple IIe to say things like "Bo Hyatt is the antichrist". Bo Hyatt was one of the metal heads in my town... I could never get the phonetics down quite right... it always ended up sounding like "Bo He-it izzz dee antee kreest".

I was also scared shitless by Wargames. Anything that had to do with the potential apocolypse thrilled and horrified me. The Day After.. Testament... you get the picture. JOSHUA the talking computer was the best ever... "Would you like to play a game?"... ummm... yes, please.. howsabout we play fantasize about Matthew Broderick naked, JOSHUA?

And when talking about talking computers, how can we forget HAL9000? Methinks that the mp3 below may have been an inspiration for Mr. Kubrick.

Anyhoo -- I stumbled upon this recording from Bell Telephone Labratories from the early 1960's. It's pretty brilliant.

Enjoy: Synthesized Speech.mp3


Blogger jeremy said...

Do you know about Dictionaraoke?
Cuz that is synthetic voice heaven.

10:12 AM  

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