not enough?

Are you ready for another 1994 Sound Factory hit?

DMC Records #150, 1994

This mix of Melanie Williams' "Not Enough" is another diva vocal with all of my favorite Junior Vasquez bells and whistles... errr... sirens and strings, perhaps?? Midway through this epic 16 minute mix Junior strips the song down to filtered vocals, choppy beats and sirens... and ridiculous sustained vocal notes... he holds the vocal until you think it's never going to end, and then pushes it for another 15 seconds.

An added bonus of this record is the Brothers in Rhythm remix of "The Way It Is" by Bruce Hornsby and the Range on the flip-side... does it get better than that? Ummm... maybe...

Enjoy: Track Removed


Anonymous Chauncey Penworth said...

There's one word for that Hornsby cover: *unique*.

10:57 AM  

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