is it on my face?

Chalk one more up for 1994. Cajmere/Green Velvet took on a daunting task to rework the garage classic, Is It All Over My Face. The original recording by Loose Joints/Arthur Russell is in my top 10 favorite records of all time for sure.

I can't think of a better vocalist to record this rework than Dajae. Her husky voice gives the track a bit of a dirty quality that works so well with the lyrics. The mix that I'm featuring here (Green Velvet's Vox Mix) is 100% pure Cajmere... blippy percolator stlye sounds and rolling and thumping Chicago bass beats... and just to top it off, the most perfect bells.

Enjoy: Is It All Over My Face_Dajae.mp3

Also, check out Cazwell's new West End cover of the same song.


Blogger Tommy said...

Haven't heard this version before, thanks for putting it up! :)

I love the original too; that new Caswell version is hilarious lol.. It's good to see West End still at it and taking a chance on some homo-hop..

11:09 PM  

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