the bar stools are all on fire

Tom and I met up for drinks and a movie on Monday night... except we forgot to go see the movie.

Actually... we forgot a lot of things... like on the trip between Pieces and Ty's... when we were supposed to go get pizza... we forgot that too.

Seems like all we remembered was the beer and cheap rail whisky shots.

At least we remembered something!

During the evening's conversation we realized that even though I take a zillion photos with my friends... even though Tom and I have shared a birthday party... even though he's often around when I'm taking photos... we didn't have any pics of us together.

So we took a couple.

I'm a big fan of self-taken friend photos. You know... the kind where you put your arm around a buddy's shoulder, turn the camera around and hope that you got both of your faces in the frame?

I think these photos capture the drunken theme of the night perfectly!


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