i see earthquakes and lightning.

I've been all about these two perfect friggin' disco tracks as of late. They both have "moon" in the title.

moonboots - orlando riva sound

Cute campy vocals with brilliant production. I love those pops and clicks!

moon maiden - luv you madly orchestra

The filtered and looped strings... they make me hard. "I gotta... I gotta..." luv it madly indeed.


Buy Moonboots here.


Blogger Joe said...

In 1978, there was a bartender at the Parliament House that we called "Moon Boots" because of how crazy he would go whenever the DJ played "Moon Boots". I visited the PH over Xmas a couple of weeks ago, that guy STILL works there. Unbelievable.

8:18 AM  
Blogger Tommy said...

Thanks for "Moon Maiden"! Haven't listened to that in a while.. Great 12'' mix, elegantly twisted, as I'd call it..

2:24 AM  

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