Exercises in Homosexuality: 2007 Christmas Tree Edition

I'm reasonably sure that I have one of the gayest christmas trees ever.

I'm sort of proud of him. But he's very very homosexual.

10 reasons I know my christmas tree is gay
10. He's infatuated with balls.

9. The first thing he said to me when I took him out of the box this year was.. "do I look fat?"

8. I found one of his ads on craigslist.

7. He's legally married to a topiary bear at Dollywood.

6. That skirt!

5. He started talking dirty when I put on the tree topper.

4. He got vaccinated for hep b.

3. He smells like poppers and lube.

2. I have to turn the TV so he can watch Project Runway with me.

1. "No... tinsel... What's tinsel doing on me when I told you.. no TINSEL.. NO TINSEL EVER!!!!!!!!!"


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Anonymous Matt said...

That's even more gay than my christmas tree three years ago with handcuffs, guns, whips, and police tape, with barbie on top holding a 9mm. Hot!

Was good seeing you at Vinnie's the other weekend!

10:36 AM  

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