the holy grail

Did you ever have an track that you absolutly loved but you didn't know what the fuck it was called??

This post features a track that my friend Travis and I used to live for when we were wide-leg wearing, lolly-pop eating ravers in DC. For years and years we only knew the main sample vocal, but we could never find the track name. At one point I thought I remembered the track having a sample that talked about butterflies in space, however, Travis assured me that that memory could be attributed to the ketamine and e's. Once, during the peak of Napster file sharing, I was able to grab about :30 of the track by searching "Who's dick is this". When my house was burglarized I lost my computer as well as those prescious :30 of the holy grail.

I was also happy to hear in the :30 snipit that one of the vocals says: "If you want to see a butterfly in space land on my face, scream out loud, what's my name?". What the fuck is that all about?

Perhaps the best part of the whole track is when the vocalist utters these poinient words:

"If you like the way I hold it in my hand, scream out loud, what's my name?"

I for one, definitely like the way she holds it in her hand.

Recently, Travis told me that he found out the artist name and track name for our beloved song. I'm pleased to present... "What's My Name? (Who's Dick is This?) by Princess Di II.

Enjoy: whos dick is this.mp3


Blogger jacksonphotografix said...

Hey Paul, thanx for the great old trax. I remember all of them (well truthfully I don't remember the Mary Hartman track, but I do remember the TV show.) I'll send you some of the rare trax I've managed to hunt down from the old Sound Factory days when Junior was a god (before his pots-and-pans phase)!

7:47 PM  

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