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Big Lug Bar 80's Night UPDATE

Soooo... I've been kicking around names etc. for the night I'm promoting at Big Lug Bar.

For a while the night was gonna be called Galaga... and I loved Mark's suggestion... SEX CRIME... but in the end it has come down to...

Where's the BEEF?

I think it's a fitting title for an 80's night at a bear bar... nine out of 10 bears agree...

I think the drink special is going to be a "Classic Double" -- PBR and a rail shot.

For now it's gonna be Damian and I tag-team DJing. We might do some trivia or something like that somewhere down the road as well. And I hear rumors that Carmine may be supplying some 80's videos as well.

P.S. the gay-faced homo who came up with the "Where's the beef?" suggestion also came up with the best name for a bear-night ever... he.. or I.. or we.. or someone has GOTTA throw a chunk-night called...

The CHUBB Institute

I'd go every time!

P.P.S. The commercials were pretty funny...


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