finding mr. wright

wow. so much frank lloyd wright in one place!

JP, his friend chris and i took a little trip to oak park, il on sunday. oak park is a quaint suburb just outside of chicago. it's the home to the frank lloyd wright home and studio as well as a huge collection of buildings (mostlyprivate residences) designed by mr. wright.

i took a bunch of photos, mostly of unity temple and a few of some of the wright houses we passed on our walk around town. photography wasn't allowed at the FLW home and studio which was unfortunate. it was really amazing and as the guide stated several times, you can really see where FLW was experimenting with new things in his house that we see turning up in later works.

more oak park pics.

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i ran!

photo credit: dan w.

photo credit: dan w.

i ran a 5k on sunday! who knew?!

JP, his friend dan and i ran the 2007 trick or treat trot in chicago's lincoln park. it was fun as shit! i've been running and stuff for about two months now and doing this 5k wasn't that bad at all. we finished in 31 minutes 25 seconds. i placed 450 of 847.

i'm gonna run more races.

stay tuned.


legendary children night at the apollo


bake me a cake as fast as you can


bake me a fucking cake NOW!

congratulations to the dashing Mr. Fox on his recent graduation form the pastry program at the french culinary institute.

i tried to find an interesting and gay pattycake video on youtube and all i could come up with were these mildly annoying children. but it seemed sort of fitting in a way. enjoy.


Schiller's Liquor Bar

Best. Brunch. Ever.

Schiller's Liquor Bar



something always fires the light that gets in your eyes


the chicago marathon was an amazing experience... from a spectator's perspective it was inspiring and exciting... from a marathoner's perspective (based on what JP told me, of course) it was greuling, emotional and challenging.

the weekend as a whole was fun as shit. friday night JP and i did a little carbo-loading at a local pasta joint and stopped by big chicks for a drink. saturday was HOT.. forshadowing?!.. we were going to go see an outdoor sculpture exhibit, but opted for a movie instead. we saw ang lee's new flick.. Lust, Caution. It was beautiful and brutal with extended scenes of intense sex. later that night we met up with some of JP's buddies and went to a BBQ on an amazing patio overlooking the beach and lake michigan. highlight... portillo's chocolate cake. we ambled over to JP's apartment at a respectable 9:30pm and made final preparations (including writing "JP" on both of JP's arms with a sharpie) for the marathon and headed to bed nice and early.

JP got up at 5:00am on sunday and woke me up at around 5:45am. we met JP's friends and fellow-runners, Dan and Joe on the train and headed down to grant park. i split up with the boys and sought out a good place to view the start... at this point it was already getting a bit warm out.

after seeing the wheelchair start and the contingent of frontrunners i headed up to boystown to meet a couple of JP's friends and do the first round of cheering. it took no time at all to get into the spirit of the race. within a few minutes we were yelling words of encouragement out to anyone who had their name on their shirt or skin... we of course went extra crazy for all of JP's fellow aids marathoners. about 15 minutes before JP, Joe and Dan passed us i recieved a surprising call from JP saying that the aid stations were out of water and that we should go buy some to hand off. luckily his friend Karl came prepared with a few bottles. JP's friend Anders made three amazing posters mounted on foamcore (pictured above)... evidently there's some sorta bear/otter taunting betwixt them. we screamed our asses off when the boys finally ran by... signs were thrust in the air and we doged the local faggotry as we sprinted down broadway a couple of times so that we could get ahead of the boys and cheer them on again. highlight of this stretch was getting a kiss from JP as he stopped for a second to grab a bottle of water from me.

next stop was caribou coffee for some cheering fuel. Anders' BF, Chris, came by to pick us up and drive us down to the cheering point. we struggled to find a parking spot in little italy but finally found a place convieniently close to a supermarket. we went in and stocked up on supplies.. bottled water, a 7lb bag of ice, disposable dishtowels and ziplock bags. by the time JP made it to us at mile 18 it was rediculously hot out. when we saw him coming down the road we knew it was time for us to kick into action. Anders and i ran out to meet JP, bags in tow. we refilled his water bottle, gave him ice-cold wet rags, fed him ice, gave him ziplocks of ice to put under his hat, all while running along side him and cheering him on. i ain't gonna lie and say he looked great... he was definitely feeling the effects of the heat and humidty. i think we helped him a good bit.. we also selectively distributed ice and rags to other aids marathoners who were running near JP. by mile 19 we broke off from JP and waited curbside for a few minutes for Dan... we gave him the same ice/water/cheer treatment until mile 19.5.

somewhere between mile 18 and 19 was where we first started hearing that the marathon had been called. the cops were doing a sort of shitty job at telling people to stop running and to walk the rest of the way. things like "give it up, this is a fun run now" don't really resonate with folks who have been training for months for the race and who had struggled through 18 miles of heat and inadequate water stations. many people were walking, but you could tell that most were planning on finishing the race. many people would slow to a walk whenever they would pass a police officer and then resume running once they got past.

i broke away from the marathon route and parted ways with Anders after the stretch in pilsen. i headed back over to grant park by foot. let me tell you... i swear i thought it was over one hundred degrees out at that point. by the time i made it to the foot of the park i saw that people were picking up the pace for the home stretch. i got word from Karl that he was running the last 6 miles with JP and that they were nearing the final stretch. i was so fucking happy when i finally spotted JP on roosevelt right befor the final turn. i sprinted down the sidewalk screaming his name and dodging through the crowd. when i couldn't run any deeper into the crowd i stood on my toes and was able to see JP cross the finish line with a smile on his face and his arms in the air! weirdly and appropriatly, mushaboom started playing over the PA system the second JP crossed the finish.

we spent the next few hours in charity village as JP and Dan cooled down and stretched. JP felt a little crappy during the train ride back to his apartment, but we were able to remedy it with a quick stop for a few bottles of water along the way. after a few hours of R&R we headed to sidetrack for "church" where we met up with JP's whole crew and celebrated his run! a quick bite to eat at crew followed by a good night's sleep capped off a long and eventful day.

monday seemed to fly by way too fast. i packed up my stuff and enjoyed my last few hours alone with JP. then we headed down to his office and then to giordano's for some great chicago deepdish pizza. JP took me on a little walking tour of the gold coast and we sat for a few minutes on the beach and savored the august in october weather.

all in all... yet another great fucking time in chicago with JP. good times rolled together with his amazing marathon accomplishment made for a perfect weekend.


more marathon pics.



Bonafide Lovin'

YAYY! A cute Bonafide Lovin' video! Funny... I was just listening to Money for Nothing this morning!?


heat attack!

chicago was all about monster heat this weekend.

marathon update and photos are on their way.


not only is he great at eating sausage... he's also one hell of a runner!

my buddy JP is running the chicago marathon this weekend! he's been training his ass off for over six months.

despite the above photo of him choking down a sausage at the san gennaro festival, he's in great shape and ready for the challenge. a couple of his friends and i are even planning on running with him for a little bit (evidently this is allowed and commonplace in chicago). i'm a little daunted by running even a mile or so... can't imagine what 26.2 would be like?!

the great thing about the training program that JP's in is that it's also a fundraiser for the AIDS foundation of chicago. he's already pulled in a good haul for the foundation and is still accepting donations.

if you feel like making a donation and checking out JP's training notes, you can do it here:

JP's AIDS Marathon Donation Page

good luck JP! can't wait to root you on!

enjoy some marathon music:

elo_hold on tight.mp3

architecture in helsinki_heart it races_trizzys rusty tincan mix.mp3

chromeo_fancy footwork.mp3

black kids_not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance with you.mp3

emma bunton_downtown.mp3

amerie_take control_estaw remix.mp3

purple crush_running up that hill.mp3

basement jaxx_make me sweat.mp3


more music:

acid runner_mr. ed meets tweety.mp3

plasmic honey_chariots of fire.mp3

erase errata_marathon_adult mix.mp3

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smells like queen spirit

okay... real bad title... sorry.

so, a while back i signed up for the e-newsletter of boardstiff NYC... it's the queer boardgame club that meets once or twice a month at the gay and lesbian center. i never went to any of the events, but i was considering it at one point.

just got a funny edition of the newsletter:

Hi Friends,

We are nerds. We love nerds. Gaming is nerdy!

And sometimes nerds need a little reminder ...


Because gaming is all about making new friends.
And we all know that we make more friends when we smell pretty.

So before you head out of the house for your next game night or social
engagement ask yourself,


Try it, and you'll be amazed at how many new friends you make.

This has been your hygiene tip from your nerdy friends at Board Stiff.



Board Stiff
New York's Most Fabulous Gaming Club
"Make new friends ... and whup their butts!"

so there's good stinky and bad stinky. i often leave the house without showering, wearing dirty clothes and always without deodorant (on purpose). i wonder what happened to inspire this little reminder?
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