best ever

Best birthday greeting ever!

Thanks, Mr. DiGangi!


don't stop the music

This picture makes me look diesel, no? lol

More pics from the weekend here... memorial day pics 2007.


take it slow..

I'm on the Sylvers tip right now. I can't stop listening to Misdemeanor by Foster Sylvers... ohh so good.

This is one of the best Soul Train Lines I've ever seen. I love the video quality and super distorted trebley sound even.

Does anyone have a recording of The Sylvers covering the theme from Mahogany? I need it.

rainbow chunk

I think I'm in love.

Enjoy Le Matins de Paris by Teki Latex.

Via: Big Stereo



If I had a video camera when I was a kid I'd have hours of footage of me making out with the TV when Wonder Woman was on.

I love these kids so much.

Hat tip: Ms. Powell


he walks away and the sun goes down

Drippy, garage, piano, smooth groove, hand clap, summer, rooftop, bliss.

Enjoy Al Usher's remix of this great Amy Winehouse track:



in the middle of a young boy's dream

I got the best early birthday present ever the other night.

It's like a flashlight... but BETTER.

Search for "fleshlight" on xtube to see what I'm talking about.

This is NSFW... duh.


up on the roof

SO... this is my first attempt at using iMovie.

Keep any comments about dog owners taking their own lives to yourself.

That means YOU. Andrew J.!


you can live.. in the trenches.. or in a house.. with picket fences

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