it is the evening of the day

I saw Marianne Faithfull on the platform of the Union Square subway station yesterday. She was standing right next to me with a gentleman friend. She looked a little lost... but beautiful nonetheless. I tried to act all aloof and shit. She turned to try to look at a sign and her bag grazed me. I looked up and made eye contact with her and lost it... I smiled ear to ear. She smiled back... said "Now that's a smile"... and pinched my cheek.

She then turned to her companion and said something about taking the elevator and walked away.

I said nothing.

But I smiled the whole way home.


pain in the ass

Read all about this new GWB butt-plug at Fleshbot!

what i want, what i need

brand spankin'

I've been enjoying Brand Spankin' lately... check it out.

the bar stools are all on fire

Tom and I met up for drinks and a movie on Monday night... except we forgot to go see the movie.

Actually... we forgot a lot of things... like on the trip between Pieces and Ty's... when we were supposed to go get pizza... we forgot that too.

Seems like all we remembered was the beer and cheap rail whisky shots.

At least we remembered something!

During the evening's conversation we realized that even though I take a zillion photos with my friends... even though Tom and I have shared a birthday party... even though he's often around when I'm taking photos... we didn't have any pics of us together.

So we took a couple.

I'm a big fan of self-taken friend photos. You know... the kind where you put your arm around a buddy's shoulder, turn the camera around and hope that you got both of your faces in the frame?

I think these photos capture the drunken theme of the night perfectly!


Big Lug - 80's Night

Sooooo… earlier in the Summer when initial talk about the possibility of Big Lug Bar was going on, Alfredo approached me and asked me if I would consider promoting a night there. Now that the bar has been green-lighted, Fredo, Joe and I met yesterday to discuss the details.

I'm really excited about the prospect of this whole thing. Haven't really promoted anything since I first moved to the city. I think the bar is gonna be a huge hit. I'm in a good spot to do somthing like this right now.. I know more people now than I ever have in my life.. good people.

They want me to promote the bar’s 80’s night. It’s going to be on either Wednesday or Thursday. I need to work this week on a proposal that will cover all the details of the night… name ideas, drink specials, audio/video, any special hook… I NEED HELP!

Who has ideas to help make the night a success? I’ve been talking with some friends, but actively welcome any other thoughts. I was thinking of trying to talk to people who lived in NYC during the eighties [Mark Kane] and see if they remember any special bar nights that happened at places like Ty’s and the Ramrod… maybe something that I could model the night on.




Big Lug Bar is coming to NYC...


all i ever wanted

I can't wait to get this.

sounds like music

Some of my friends and I have been doing a thing we call Listening Wednesdays... it's a monthly listening party. We just did the second installment and I think it's gonna stick. We rotate the venue between the participant's apartments. The only rules are that the host can't be the music curator, and that you have to play two or three full-length albums. Everyone is responsible for bringing food or beverage for the pot-luck style dinner. It's a fucking good time. Great food, great people, great music.

My friend Corey was sort of the brainchild behind the party. He works in the music industry and he thinks that the album format is in danger of becoming obsolete because of iTunes and MP3 players. He curated this week's party and played some great old albums... Digable Planets, "Reachin' (A New Refutation Of Time And Space)" and Tribe Called Quest, "Midnight Marauders". It was really cool to hear these albums in full again... they sound fresh still after 13 years and everyone enjoyed.

We also listened to the new Scissor Sisters... which I did not like on inital listening, but have now grown quite fond of. You should run out and gget it next week. I read somewhere yesterday that it sold 300,000 units in the UK in it's first week of release... Justin Timberlake only sold 90,000... it's gonna be big... at least in the UK. In this same vein, Coreey gave me the new DJ Shadow and also The Rapture's new album.. I've been listening to both non-stop... you should too. Buy them.


will you play with me?

Travis just sent me a link to the Come Out & Play Festival website. Looks like a good time... anyone interested??


Put a chain around my neck and lead me anywhere

Woo Woo!!

Two more Big Lug BBQ's have been scheduled for this season!

Come on over to Cattyshack in Brooklyn and hang with the bears!

Don't miss...

Saturday, September 30th

Saturday, October 14th

The first BBQ a few weeks ago was a blast... for pics of the festivities click here.


color me your color, baby

I just ordered calling cards from a new online print service called MOO. It's affiliated with Flickr. You can make these mini calling cards using images from your Flickr photo-stream.

There's a special promotion right now where you can get 10 sample cards customized with your photos for FREE! Free shipping too! It's only for FlickrPro customers.

I can't wait to get mine... if they're cute I'm gonna order more.. it's only $20 for 100 cards.



we. are. your friends.

I packed up my bags and moved from DC to NYC on August 27, 1995. Over the past eleven years I’ve probably been back to DC ten times. The last time I was there was May 2002 and everything was pretty much the same as I remembered.

I went to DC this weekend for BLOWOFF… what a good fuckin’ time… the District is sooo different from last time I was there. I was stunned by all the new-build. It seems as though 17th Street is no longer faggela ground-zero… who woulda thunk that the limbo near 14th and P and Logan Circle would turn into such a swank area?!

Some highlights:

• Perfect companions… Damian, Peter, Ed
• Sorting the crowd with Peter… Gay face(GF), Hot Face(HF), and Braided Belt(BB)
• Old people… George, Michael, Tom, Jeff, Bob, Carl
• New People… TJ, Jimbo, Erik
• Music @ Blowoff… Never Be Alone by Simian, Beautiful by BLOWOFF, All This Love by The Similou… thank you thank you thank you!
Malcolm X Park with Damian and Ed
• Brunch at Kramerbooks
• Shots & beers
• 1,000 hot-faced chunky men and bears
• Being fresh meat
• Reconnecting with Sean after… 12 years!!
• The Cairo
• Trios
• Hanging in the salon with Colleen and Emily
• Taking the shuttle

More pictures here.

Maybe George or Jeff will put up some pics from BLOWOFF as well… hope so!


...let's have a ball.

I'm sorry... I STILL think that Paul Wall is grade A, hot-chunk!

Foxy... I should take my own life... shouldn't I??


it's gonna rain

Ohhh... sing to me sweet Chaka!!

Perfect song for a gloomy day.

Enjoy: Chaka khan_clouds.mp3

ch-ch-check it out... The funniest "separated at birth" combo came up whilst I was searching for photos of Ms. Khan for this post.

papa's got a brand new bag

Well... actually.. the same old bag.

I got my bag back last night. Everything was in it.

I'm still ready for Fall.



When it rains it pours??? It seems like I've been in a three month monsoon.

I lost my bag the other night. It had a checkbook in it. I never carry a checkbook. It had my keys in it. I never lose my keys. It was one of my favorite bags. Argg.

On the good side.. it had my work blackberry in it. I don't think I'm going to ask for a new one.

I am using a bag that I hadn't worn in a long time. I found a little shell in it. It sort of bummed me out. It had a twin and I don't really keep in touch with its owner anymore.

I think this water-logged phase is almost over. I just wish I could get past the final scattered showers.

Autumn.. that sounds nice right about now.


holy matrimony!

It's a real testament to the bride and groom when you go to a wedding that has only the nicest, fun, hot, kind and genuine people in attendance. Amy and Greg's wedding was by far the best I've ever been to.

Some of the things that made it perfect:

XXX The people... coolest kids around
XXX 10 minute ceremony... woo woo!
XXX Plentiful libations... chug-a-lug
XXX The queer table
XXX Afterparty at Sunny's... shots of cheap rail whisky for all!!
XXX The fucking awesome love between Amy and Greg... we all see it and we were all there to celebrate it!

For more pics, click here.
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