i can't wait until summer

what's the earliest i can have a bbq??


pick. me. up.

Big love to Jeff.


...in bed


fade into you

Best pick-up line ever... hot off the Bear411 wires.

Me: We should hang out soon. (or something to that effect)

Him: Yeah.. you could be SIRIUS and I could be XM and I'll merge into you.





serious, sirius, space party

Tomorrow could be a very very interesting day at work.

Thanks for passing this story along, Joe!

Enjoy: serious sirius space party.mp3

UPDATE: It's official!

you give your number to every man you see

The Sunday of a holiday weekend usually proves to be a fun night out. Last night was no exception. Dugout, Nowhere and Eagle... all three packed. The usual suspects were all out on the town.

Mark and I even took a nice photo together!


s.a.t.u.r... d.a.y.


future looks bright

I'm SO gonna die.

you wanna do what in the butt?

HT: Perez Hilton


let's break it down now

HT: Boing Boing


Would you fuck me? I'd fuck me. I'd fuck me hard.

Happy Valentine's Day... Precious.


she seems to have an invisible touch

I love Genesis P. Orridge.

pass the bottle

Evidently swilling champagne from the bottle inspiries me to art direct photographs.

Happy birthday, Alex!

More of Adam Harvey's excellent photos can be found here.


bunny fuck

NSFW... obviously.


save me save me save me

The above image makes the BEST screensaver or desktop image ever.

Go Jambi.


that's how you make it right.

This song is fucking perfect.

Don't believe me?

Give her a listen.

D.A.N.C.E. - Justice

More info here and here.

Note: This is a rip from a BBC broadcast. The single comes out in March I think.


take my hand... come with me...

BearCiti.com - Join for Free

I joined this new bear site a little while ago.

Same old bullshit... but the interface is a little better than the others.

You should join too.

So I have someone to talk to.

I may even unlock the pics of my junk for you.

Click on the banner above.

However, please refrain from using the following in your profile:

"I don't bite.. unless you want me to."

"Mild to wild"

avoid "grrr" and "woof", por favor.
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