limes & coconuts

Todd Terry is the man behind some of my favorite house tracks. The track I'm featuring today is one of those songs I heard everywhere in the mid-90's but I never knew what it was called. I remember one of my DJ friends told me it was called P-Coconut. For years I searched for P-Coconut to no avail. One very special Christmas my lady-friend Travis gave me Limelife's Coconut EP. I'm retarded.

The name of the track is "Baby Can You Reach". Sample heavy (Martha Wash??), spacey sounds, deep house grooves...


Enjoy: Track Removed

mr. t


mary hartman, mary hartman

This Tom Moulton produced 1976 West End Records release is a disco remix of the theme song to the 70's primetime soap, Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman. It was the only release from Sounds of the Inner City and has that unmistakable Salsoul sound.

Enjoy: Mary Hartman Mary Hartman Disco Theme.mp3


is it on my face?

Chalk one more up for 1994. Cajmere/Green Velvet took on a daunting task to rework the garage classic, Is It All Over My Face. The original recording by Loose Joints/Arthur Russell is in my top 10 favorite records of all time for sure.

I can't think of a better vocalist to record this rework than Dajae. Her husky voice gives the track a bit of a dirty quality that works so well with the lyrics. The mix that I'm featuring here (Green Velvet's Vox Mix) is 100% pure Cajmere... blippy percolator stlye sounds and rolling and thumping Chicago bass beats... and just to top it off, the most perfect bells.

Enjoy: Is It All Over My Face_Dajae.mp3

Also, check out Cazwell's new West End cover of the same song.

do you know how I really feel about you?

eBay eBay... eBay eBay eBay???

MK's 1992 hit, Always, is the perfect combination of freestyleish vocals and classic house beats. The 12" Underground mix that I'm featuring here is by far my favorite. I can't get enough of the dubby filtered e-bay e-bay e-bay, and the main vocal verses are pure brilliance.

Enjoy: Always_MK featuring Alana.mp3


not enough?

Are you ready for another 1994 Sound Factory hit?

DMC Records #150, 1994

This mix of Melanie Williams' "Not Enough" is another diva vocal with all of my favorite Junior Vasquez bells and whistles... errr... sirens and strings, perhaps?? Midway through this epic 16 minute mix Junior strips the song down to filtered vocals, choppy beats and sirens... and ridiculous sustained vocal notes... he holds the vocal until you think it's never going to end, and then pushes it for another 15 seconds.

An added bonus of this record is the Brothers in Rhythm remix of "The Way It Is" by Bruce Hornsby and the Range on the flip-side... does it get better than that? Ummm... maybe...

Enjoy: Track Removed


as helpless as a kitten in a tree

Juliet Roberts is a lyrical genius... assuming she wrote the lyrics to "I Want You"... I dunno... it's pretty deep... and inquisitive....

"Do you want me 'cause I want you? Do want me 'cause I know that I love you? Do you want me 'cause I want you? Do you want me 'cause I want you to want me too?"

"I Want You" is yet another of Junior Vasquez's 1994 Sound Factory hits. I love Junior in this period. He still uses tribal beats and thumpy and warpy sounds.... there's still a kiki and groove to the tracks... no endless build-ups and still pure, quality vocal treatment.

Enjoy: I Want You_ Juliet Roberts.mp3
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