cccp xmas

Hooray for vintage Soviet cosmonaut-boy Christmas cards!

More here: cccp xmas

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bang, bang

This illustration caught my eye in this weekend's Time's Week In Review section.

holiday potluck

Amazing food and even better company makes for a great potluck dinner!

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And they're puttin' it on wax....

I just came across a really interesting blog post about early recordings of Christmas music on wax cylinders. The post has a ton of download links for songs recorded from the early 1900s through the '30s.

Visit Paul's Ramblings: Vintage Christmas Wax

The music actually has a little bit of a creepy factor... brings to mind that ghosty bar scene from The Shining...



Christmas Cheat Sheet

1. Visit Made in ENGLAND by Gentlemen today.

2. Marvel at the blog's brilliance.

3. Download Christmas cheat sheets for boys and girls. (If you can't choose, grab both)

4. Fill the forms out completely and send them to me.

5. Hold your breath until you recieve a handsome gift(which will fit perfectly) from me.*

*Habitat67 is not responsible for injury or death due to lack of oxygen.

Expo Lounge

Wow.. I wish I had stumbled upon this blog sooner. He might be more of an EXPO67 freak than me!

Visit: Expo Lounge



I'm not so sure I trust all of the DVDs that Netflix thinks I might like... and the connection between the Brandon Teena Story and Xena sorta grosses me out.


The Third Tribe

I thought otters fed maily on mussels!?

For Mr. Anderson via Mr. Ward via Ms PopBitch.


Exercises in Homosexuality: 2007 Christmas Tree Edition

I'm reasonably sure that I have one of the gayest christmas trees ever.

I'm sort of proud of him. But he's very very homosexual.

10 reasons I know my christmas tree is gay
10. He's infatuated with balls.

9. The first thing he said to me when I took him out of the box this year was.. "do I look fat?"

8. I found one of his ads on craigslist.

7. He's legally married to a topiary bear at Dollywood.

6. That skirt!

5. He started talking dirty when I put on the tree topper.

4. He got vaccinated for hep b.

3. He smells like poppers and lube.

2. I have to turn the TV so he can watch Project Runway with me.

1. "No... tinsel... What's tinsel doing on me when I told you.. no TINSEL.. NO TINSEL EVER!!!!!!!!!"


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la la la

I had to do a quick trip to LA last weekend for work. The flight there was sorta shitty and super-long due to strong headwinds and I didn't get to fly Virgin America with my colleague. We stayed at The Downtown Standard... which... for being around as long as it has been is still pretty awesome and super-cheap. The sticker of a pooping man on the T.P. made me smile for hours.

The weather on Friday was rainy and very unLA. The place still managed to look pretty... too fucking pretty if you ask me. How can folk stand so much beautiful all the time?!

Anyhoo... had a chance to meet two bloggers I've been a big fan of for quite a while.. they brightened the rainy day for sure. PopMuse and Bloghungry... the LA blogging power-couple... met me at Dusty's in Silver Lake for a great meal and even better conversation. After eating we headed to The Faultline for a beer. The guys asked me a lot of questions about the New York bear scene... and after visiting their bearish bar I assured them that it was same shit different city.

Here's a NSFW pic of me and the boys and the.... art.

After a short but restful sleep and my best 5k time yet I headed over to the USC v. UCLA game at the Coliseum. I fulfilled my work obligations and made a mad dash to the airport for yet another long and bumpy ride. This one was totally worth it though because JP and mussels at Hopleaf were waiting for me at the other end.

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