hot summer song

Have you heard the new Nelly Furtado? The track Maneater is going to be huge this summer.

Enjoy: Track Removed


stop the madness



release yourself

Have you seen the movie, Maestro? If you haven't, you should.

Maestro documents the origins of dance music culture with a heavy dose of Larry Levan and Paradise Garage footage. Brilliant.

When I saw the film, all the children in the screening gasped every five minutes as they saw footage from inside the Garage and heard bits of Larry DJing live.

My favorite track from the film was not released on the soundtrack. It's Aleem's 1984 classic, Release Yourself.

Enjoy: Aleem Release Yourself.mp3


sometimes i feel like throwing my hands up in the air

I can't get 'You Got The Love by the Source feat. Candi Stanton' out of my head!

I listen to BBC Radio 1 all the time and they have been playing the hell out of this track. It was a top 10 hit in the UK in '92, but I don't think it did too much here in the States. Although I believe it was the last song played in the last episode of Sex in the City.

It's the perfect combination of Ms. Stanton's vocals and the bassline from Frankie Knuckles' 1989 classic, 'Your Love'.

Enjoy: you got the love candi stanton.mp3



easter eve



June Pointer Tribute

There are many fitting tributes to Ms. Pointer, but this one is the best.

Most people don't know that the Pointer Sisters did the vocals for the Pinball Number Count song from Sesame Street. I love it.

Enjoy: Pointer Sisters Pinball Number Count.mp3


the holy grail

Did you ever have an track that you absolutly loved but you didn't know what the fuck it was called??

This post features a track that my friend Travis and I used to live for when we were wide-leg wearing, lolly-pop eating ravers in DC. For years and years we only knew the main sample vocal, but we could never find the track name. At one point I thought I remembered the track having a sample that talked about butterflies in space, however, Travis assured me that that memory could be attributed to the ketamine and e's. Once, during the peak of Napster file sharing, I was able to grab about :30 of the track by searching "Who's dick is this". When my house was burglarized I lost my computer as well as those prescious :30 of the holy grail.

I was also happy to hear in the :30 snipit that one of the vocals says: "If you want to see a butterfly in space land on my face, scream out loud, what's my name?". What the fuck is that all about?

Perhaps the best part of the whole track is when the vocalist utters these poinient words:

"If you like the way I hold it in my hand, scream out loud, what's my name?"

I for one, definitely like the way she holds it in her hand.

Recently, Travis told me that he found out the artist name and track name for our beloved song. I'm pleased to present... "What's My Name? (Who's Dick is This?) by Princess Di II.

Enjoy: whos dick is this.mp3

track shadows

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