these are my quarters stupid, go get your own

Hmmmm... you think NAMBLA members might have worked at Centuri?!?

Hat-tip: GayGamer


all that gibberish that you were spittin'... you need to kill it

In keeping with the theme of transit woes, I’d like to tell you a little story about Miss Batshit on the M8 bus last night.

First off… I find it absolutely fucking hilarious that there’s a bus that provides door to door (nearly) service between The Dugout and Big Lug. Someone needs to market this… c’mon.. there's gotta be more than one bear working at the MTA?!?!

Okay.. so me, Damian and my friend Matt decided to try out the bus instead of taking a cab over to Lug for a nightcap last night. We got on the empty M8 at 10th and Washington and took seats in the back. Somewhere near Seventh Ave. South a few people got on. We were having a conversation about Boston and Providence and different cities we have lived in. There was no swearing or any tawdry topics on the table… we weren’t shouting or even being that loud at all.

Enter Miss Batshit.

So.. Miss Batshit in the front of the bus stands up and starts flailing her arms to get our attention.

“Excuse me! Can we keep it down in the back?!”

D, M and I traded WTF looks.

“You’re conversation is disturbing me. Can we have a little peace and quiet?!?!”

So… Damian and I didn’t miss our cue. We fired off a few choice insults back at her and got her to sit down and glare at us instead of yell at us. I also noticed that the whole situation was making the bus driver grin ear-to-ear from his reflection in the rearview mirror.

One of the other homos gave us a wink and a smile when he got off the bus at 1st Ave. and dropped a little fey “Keep it down!” at us.

When we were discussing the incident we decided that what was really getting on Miss Batshit’s nerves was the homo-register of our voices. There is no other explanation. She looked at us like she wanted us dead.

What is a lady who hates homos doing on a bus from Christopher Street to Avenue gAy, anyhow?!?


slug ten drinks I wont get pickled




More pics here and here.


10,000 screaming faggots

I happened to visit my sitemeter right as the visit count clicked to 10,000... weird.

Hmmm... some of my hot blogger friends get this many hits a day I'm sure.


Damian and I had a blast yesterday... we joined Alfredo, Joe and Greg at the space for the new Big Lug Bar to do some paintin'!

I'm so excited about this whole thing. The space is absolutly amazing. Lots of seating.. banquettes... a lot of counterspace with barstools.. a great jukebox is on the way (and I hear that Joe picked out all the music).. a pinball machine... a huge barrel for peanuts.. it's just gonna be friggin' awesome and I'm sure all y'all are gonna love it too!

NOTE TO SELF: Make sure you wash all the brown paint off of your hands BEFORE going to a bear bar... the fisting jokes get tired pretty quick.

no sir, no dancin’ today

Not to beat you to death with astronomical analogies, but the planets seemed to all be aligned yesterday for a certain group of handsome, hairy men.. at the Dugout of all places. Just about everyone I love was out in full force yesterday (where were the Farmboyz??).


1. Andrew J's secret was revealed
2. Carmine had on a great Goldfrappe T-shirt (and he made sure everyone saw it)
3. A conspiracy is brewing...
4. Everyone knows about Big Lug Bar (which I am not allowed to shorten to BLB.. even though it does just slide off of the tongue)


5. Dancing at the Dugout?!?! WTF?!? When "I Don't Feel Like dancin'" Came on the jukebox (thanks to Mark) everyone in the bar started shakin' their rumps! I don't think I've ever had as much fun at our favorite Sunday watering hole!

More pics here.


will you marry me??

With this ring I thee wed.

Ahhh, the gays.


When you come home from work, I’m gon’ make you do more work

Vinny took a though-guy photo of me the other night.. I actually like it.. thanks, sweet-cheeks.


D.J. Raw Bar

UPDATE: SO I'm a friggin' bad speller and my proofreading skills are very... unskilled. But I still look tough! Well.. sorta.. maybe.. wait... fuck all y'all!... I'm fuckin' awesome!


one night in brooklyn and the world's your oyster

Big Lug BBQ III was a fucking blast.

More pics here and here.


hot beef injection

Woo Woo! Fredo just sent over flyer creative for the Wednesday party!


I got more juice than Picasso got paint

Four and three and two and one What up!

Sick of Big Lug Bar updates yet?!

Here's the new flyer... enjoy!


Takin' New Chicago by storm!!!

I Couldn't resist posting this clip... hat-tip to ROBOCUB... he posted it first!

I really like the new Scissor Sisters album... I sorta hated it on first listen, but it's grown on me now. This just makes it better.

Plus.. I totally want a Damian Hurst Space Theremin.

P.S. Gil Gerard was totally my fantasy-daddy as a kid.

He could beat Princess Ardala in a dance-off any day!


Big Lug BBQ II - pics

Big Lug BBQ II was a huge hit!! Even more folks than the first one! Hope to see all y'all out for Big Lug BBQ III next Saturday, 10/14!!! Last BBQ of the season!!

For more pics, click here.


love is what I want, love is what I give

Sex, love, ass, brains, pain, anger, cock, frustration, happiness, solitude, stalking, cum, self-suck, orgy, hate, drag, heart-warming, domination, queer, vibrator, soft-kisses, music, penetrating, passion, tears, hilarious, fat-cock, depression, hot, pussy, jerk-off, beautiful, well-acted, blow-job, sweet, butt-fucking, moving, smart, hard-on-inducing.


Go see John Cameron Mitchell's Shortbus.


bad touch


the name game

Big Lug Bar 80's Night UPDATE

Soooo... I've been kicking around names etc. for the night I'm promoting at Big Lug Bar.

For a while the night was gonna be called Galaga... and I loved Mark's suggestion... SEX CRIME... but in the end it has come down to...

Where's the BEEF?

I think it's a fitting title for an 80's night at a bear bar... nine out of 10 bears agree...

I think the drink special is going to be a "Classic Double" -- PBR and a rail shot.

For now it's gonna be Damian and I tag-team DJing. We might do some trivia or something like that somewhere down the road as well. And I hear rumors that Carmine may be supplying some 80's videos as well.

P.S. the gay-faced homo who came up with the "Where's the beef?" suggestion also came up with the best name for a bear-night ever... he.. or I.. or we.. or someone has GOTTA throw a chunk-night called...

The CHUBB Institute

I'd go every time!

P.P.S. The commercials were pretty funny...

Somehow I'm neither here nor there

I’ve been having this weird sensation lately. Sometimes more than others… it’s been happening for a while now. It starts in my stomach… it almost feels like falling.

When I was on the subway platform today I felt the drop… but this time I identified the source.

This feeling makes me uneasy… but acknowledging it seems like a good thing.

Have you ever rushed off of a train and started walking down an empty platform as the train is pulling out of the station? It starts to move slowly in the same direction as you… it picks up speed… the cars are rushing past… then suddenly the last car passes you… the blurred wall of the cars isn’t there anymore… a moment of vertigo… you’re alone… there’s a wide-open space to your side and straight ahead…

There are a lot of options when you’re alone on the platform.

You can run to the end of the platform after the train and watch the lights as they disappear into the tunnel wishing you were back on the train… the train is just doing its job... moving on to the next station to pick up another passenger like yourself…

You can get on the next train.. identical to the first.. take it to the next station.. rinse and repeat..

Or you can say “fuck it”, get out of the station and walk around a little... you know you’ll take a train again someday… but all you really need is your own two legs to get you where you’re going.


my zippers bust, my buckles break, i'm too much man for you to take

Soooo... there's another XXL party this coming weekend. I heard the first one was fun... the second one was evidently a fiasco... anyone planning on trying out to see if the third time's a charm???

They are throwing the party at ELEMENT this time. I haven't been to that space in years. I remember it being a nice place, but who knows. My issue with this party being on a Sunday is somewhat abated this time as Monday is a holiday for some. It's also a lot cheaper than the last two parties and starts a little earlier.

So really... is anyone going??

Sunday, October 8th
tix = $10 advance & $20 at the door

Element NY
225 East Houston St
@ Essex St / Avenue A

working monday through friday takes up all of my time

Big Lug BBQ II was on Saturday. It was another AMAZING time!!

More pics and details to come...
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