just perfect

What an incredible weekend.

Top of the Rock, Life Cafe, rooftop Coronas, Auggie, caramel/cheese popcorn, Harry Potter in the park, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir, prosecco, marathon training, ChickPea, Union Square farmer's market, Marlow & Sons, Walking across the Williamsburg Bridge, Double Headed Disco (Jackie O edition), Phoenix, The Duke, pineapple infused vodka, Dinosaur BBQ, cruising on the 1 train, Dugout, Eagle, Florent, Fabiane's, 125th St.

Just perfect.

P.S. Thanks for the photo, Joe!



gagging... flawless.

Thanks, Miss Noel.

Tiefschwarz is Burning.

It's like ballet... in stolen clothing.


possible to do list:

-- read in bed
-- water taxi beach
-- dinner in bushwick
-- cristopher st. pier
-- the cloisters
-- take the dog for a walk
-- eagle roofdeck
-- thai in queens
-- shake shack
-- pancakes! (and syrup)
-- top of the rock
-- beer! (and more beer)
-- dance-off
-- get lost
-- forget what time it is
-- plan something diabolical
-- prospect or central park
-- walk over the williamsburg bridge



T minus 42 hrs.

I can't wait.

Can you?




club action

Thanks to Jeff for the great pic!


yo majesty vs. enya vs. depeche mode - just can't get enough club action.mp3


not shady... just fierce.

Tonight me, Peter, Vinny and Chris confirmed our gayness by having a homo movie night. Thai food, Paris is Burning, Troll 2 and beer... YAYY!

more: gay gay movie night

gay x 30 = peter


i'm about to pop

hat tip: mr. dorris


it's a family affair

I went to Rochester last weekend for some family fun... my Mom's 75th birthday and one of my nephew's high school graduation. It was pretty great all around. Didn't get too bored, didn't get sick of my siblings, got to see some extended family... my Uncle Chuck even managed to work the N-word into conversation on two separate occasions! Rochester pride was alright. I had a real fun time at Rochester's old-school leather bar.. The Bachelor Forum.. isn't that name fucking brilliant?!

Here are some photos from the weekend.. never really posted my family before:

My brother Jim used to be a hippy... now he's just sort of bearish. He's 23 years older than me and he got arrested with Allen Ginsburg in Denver once.

My dad loves to drive his giant magenta pick-up even though he probably shouldn't anymore.

This is the house I grew up in. It's covered in asbestos siding... on Saturday I told my Mom that the siding made me gay.

My Mom is pretty much the best person around. She likes to wear jackets with appliques galore. I always tell her they look pretty.

My sister Patty can be a bit much. At least she's punishing herself for it by living in Omamha, Nebraska.

My sister Terri is fucking awesome. She used to have a real bad wandering eye, but she had surgury that fixed it mostly. She saw her first 3-D movie last year.

I think my parents looked pretty good when they were younger. They're the couple sitting in the middle of the couch. The girl in the lower right-hand corner is my Mom's best friend and was also my kindergarten teacher.

Sunday was real nice. It looks a little like Walnut Grove where I grew up.

Evidently my Dad donated our very first microwave to the park where we held my nephew's graduation party. I was surprised to see it. If you fuck with the door opener you can sometimes get the door to open while the microwave is still running. That's the dangerous and retarded shit that I loved to do when I was a kid.

Mitch is my nephew. He's like 6 or so. His favorite trick is to sneak up on you and punch you in the nuts when you're not expecting it.

This is a good picture of my dad. He's got Alzheimer's and asks you the same questions over and over. He loves to mow the lawn and watch cowboy movies really really loud.


walk it out

thanks trav!


unexpected gay-gay

My trip to Rochester for my mother's 75th birthday just got a little gayer.

It's Rochester Gay Pride!

Bears of Rochester, watch out!

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True patriot love in all thy sons command.

I didn't even know it was Canada Day.

Kismet is fierce.

More Photos: Canada Day BBQ

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