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i'll have what the back-up band is having.

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what you what you know 'bout me?



Been really digging this track lately. Super-cute video to boot!


we are a family

You must read the comments.

Via gay-face via disco-connie.


the real big one

I think I've mentioned before that my brother-in-law Joe is passionate about growing giant pumpkins... well.. if not... HE IS! He's also real fucking good at it. He's won a bunch of contests and spends a ton of time on online giant pumpkin message boards and selling seeds etc. My sister supports him in this endeavor to an extent, but it gets on her nerves sometimes too.

My mom told me that there were people filming Joe for some documentary. I didn't think much of it, I assumed it was gonna be a segment or a student film or something. Imagine my surprise when my mom called me this morning to tell me to tune into PBS on Wednesday, September 5th... to watch...

Lords of the Gourd: The Pursuit of Excellence
The extreme gardeners who compete at the annual Cooperstown Weigh Off have one obsessive goal - to raise the biggest pumpkin in the world. These gurus of the gourd nurture their fruits through harsh weather, floods, animal attacks and even sabotage to produce pumpkins of gigantic proportion. Follow Joe Pukos and his fellow competitors through the final harrowing days of harvest and the journey across New York State with the bulging behemoths.

It's a whole friggin' hour-long prime time PBS show centered around my brother-in-law and his pumpkins!?!?

Sooo... TiVo that shit if you have a chance... I bet it will be real fun to watch!

Wednesday, September 5th (8pm here in NYC on Thirteen... those of you in the Chicagoland area will have to figure out when it's on on your own because the WTTW schedule site didn't have it listed yet).

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i am the city

MORE PHOTOS: saturday 8_18

SOUNDTRACK: i am the city_abba.mp3


i can give you what you want.

ice cream - new young pony club

I can give you what you want.
I can make your heart beats short.
I can make you ice cream, we could be a sweet team melting in your vice dreams, sport.

I can be the sauce you crave.
I can spell what you can't say.
chocolate flavored love theme treat the treats you so mean covering your nights and days.

Let me give you what you like.
I can make you mouth run dry.
drink me like a liquor, c'mon and dip your dipper
show me what you're here for, guy.

I can give you what you want.
I can make your back real taut.
fantastic flavored fancies sick like Sid and Nancy wicked as a joy ride jaunt.

makin' sorbet is good stuff. i got the itch earlier this week. i made up the following recipe (sorbet recipes ain't rocket science... or even long division for that matter). i knew i wanted to use prosecco and i picked the black grapes because they looked and tasted real good and also, the il laborotorio del gelato black grape sorbet makes me drip. mine's pretty fucking good too, although next time i'm gonna either peel some of the grapes or skim out some of the skins, but not all.

black grape and prosecco sorbet

1 cup simple syrup
3 cups pureed black grapes
juice of one lime
2 cups prosecco

mix everything together and freeze in an ice cream maker.

SOUNDTRACK: ice cream(popular computer rmx)_new young pony club.mp3

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saturday morning



paper planes

this is the BEST FUCKING SONG!!!

you can stream all of Kala on M.I.A.'s myspace page.

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i can see a hurricane tonight

warm welcome, Crew, rodger's park, blueberry-orange sorbet, chipotle deviled eggs, cheese dip, sleeping in, architectural cruise on the chicago river, duck fat fries and shrimp & pork sausage at hot doug's, big chicks, jackhammer, touche, bad biscuits and gravy, charmer's, italian beef at portillo's, millenium park and the bean, market days in front of sidetrack, Dale from Top Chef in a dunking booth, superlitive mussels at hopleaf, andersonville, beach, evanston, a tough goodbye.

more chicago photos

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