i heart sperm

I think I'm going to donate some jizz to this really cool art project that a friend turned me on to today.

It's called Spermcube.

Basically.. it's a giant frozen block of sperm. A cubic meter to be exact. Yes, that's right... 1,000 litres of cum... all donated by folks like you and me.

According to the press kit, the artist (Philippe Meste) is all about shooting, stealing, protesting and ejaculating. I think that most of those things are admirable enough to warrant a load or two for art's sake.

Actually... the thought of thousands of men all over the world jerking off into plastic containers and then mailing their cum to Paris for this art project sort of turns me on.

Anyone else wanna donate??

Anyone wanna help me with my donation???

Donation info: Spermcube.org

Some photos: Here



superb owl

I deal with the NFL at work. Yeah.. I'm a big homo and most of my day is spent negotiating with professional sports leagues.. I'm not really a fan so much.

Every time I type "superbowl" as one word, my spell check comes back with the suggestion of "superb owl".

It makes me smile every time.


love will tear this sweet pussy apart

I was messing around on Garage Band today and this is what I came up with...

Enjoy: love will tear this sweet pussy apart.mp3


would you ever be my fucking boyfriend?

I'm consistently 3 months behind on new music. Y'all have probably been listening to this the Bird and the Bee track for ages now.

Mmmmmm.... love that minimal beat. Thanks for the remix, Peaches!

Enjoy: Fucking Boyfriend.mp3



they removed the excess baggage...

...but they weren't able to amputate the GAY.

I just got back from visiting the lovely Mr. Fox. He's recuperating nicely.

He's in a mild drug induced stupor.. which was comforting.. this sobriety thing was beginning to worry me.

Pre-approved photographic proof can be found above.

Despite the surgery, he was back at the pier by lunchtime:

street jizz

Gee whiz, street jizz... feels more dirty than it really is.

Thanks yet again, Gay-face!


so much hair makes people stare

A recent conversation made me think of The Letter People. A random sample of letter people can be found above.

Did anyone else out there learn to read with Miss A.. Achoo! or Mr. B and his beautiful buttons???

Mr. H and his horrible hair was my favorite i think.

Speaking of the alphabet....

Enjoy the Amanda Lear classic, My Alphabet.mp3

It's a hum-dinger of a song.


i see earthquakes and lightning.

I've been all about these two perfect friggin' disco tracks as of late. They both have "moon" in the title.

moonboots - orlando riva sound

Cute campy vocals with brilliant production. I love those pops and clicks!

moon maiden - luv you madly orchestra

The filtered and looped strings... they make me hard. "I gotta... I gotta..." luv it madly indeed.


Buy Moonboots here.


everything you own in a box to the left

I'm pretty obsessive/compulsive. Sometimes this affliction makes it so I can't throw shit away. Like.. if I have a total piece of junk in my hands.. especially if I've owned the junk for several years.. I can't toss it out because a little voice in my head gets all sentimental about it and I start getting anxious because I feel like I might need said junk at some point in the future or I might want to see it again at least.

I came up with a good idea on how to get around this craziness of mine recently. I was at my mom's house going through all this junk over the holidays. every time I started to get sentimental about something I wanted to throw away, I'd take a picture of it and then bag it for the dump. It worked really well.

If you want, you can take a look at some of my junk.

Going through this stuff that I hadn't looked at for years gave me a glimpse of what a little homo I was. I found a whole mess of craft stuff.. everything from latch-hook rugs to counted-cross-stitch. Note the half-done Marvin the Martian project in the sewing-hoop... at least I was just sewing that shit and not contemplating a fucking tattoo!!

I'm gonna use this technique going forward. Nothing makes me feel better than minimizing the clutter in my world.


big red tree grew up and out

Damian and I are moving our party at Big Lug from Wednesdays to Thursdays starting next week (Jan. 18).

We are losing the 80's theme which opens the door for us to play a wide range of cool as shit music.

There's going to be some sort of incentive for you to take your shirt off... not sure exactly what it will be yet, but it should make drinkin' cheap.

And.. if anyone wants to take off more than their shirt that would be fine by us!

More details to come...


The drink special will be $2 Miller Highlife Cans(the bigguns) and $3 Miller Draft... the catch is you have to take your shirt off to take advantage of the drink special.

Who wants to show us their GUT???



bottom chef

I made the best roast chicken ever tonight. It would have blown Elia's "Proud Chicken" outta the water. I would have had Tom hard as a rock and beggin' me for more.

Juicy, succulent and cooked to perfection. I made a rub of butter, paprika, cayanne, garlic, cinnamon, nutmeg and S&P. Mmmm....

You could try to imitate, but it wouldn't be as good as mine.

If you think you could top me my chicken, drop me a line.

follow that bird


yo dick


DimSum and then some

DimSum in Chinatown.

The perfect thing for a 70 degree January day.


I got my education...

I went through some boxes of my stuff while I was home for the holidays. I found a letter that I wrote during my Sophomore year of college. it was to one of my high school friends. It is an epic 10 hand-written pages front and back. I wrote it over the course of about a two months, starting on March 15, 1993. For some reason I never mailed it.

It's too funny. Read some of the gems I came up with below. I forgot what 19 was like. This gave me a little reminder.

• I think that if I ever transferred schools I’d go to UGA. There are 28,000 people there and everyone is cool and looks like REM.

• We went thrifting and I bought a black sequined hat, a 5-foot long rave hat, a denim Texaco hat, a blue velour shirt w/ butterfly collar, and a wonderful polyester shirt w/ old fashioned advertising on it (also with a butterfly collar).

• We went to the 40 Watt club while we were there and saw these groups called Starclub and the Gin Blossoms.

• Oh, for a cool high buy Redi-Whip or another brand of aerosol whipped cream, let it settle for a while, then hold it upright, put your mouth on the nozzle and inhale the gas… it’s nitrous oxide that propels it!!! It’s such an intense short high!! It’s called “doing whip-its”.

• It’s Tuesday and I’m in my Between Peace and War class. I just got a paper back. I was sure I was going to get an F on it. I wrote it from 4 o’clock in the morning to 11AM, right before class. The Prof is a 55-year-old retired officer from the Air Force. It’s a hippy, peace-loving paper. I called it, “The Cold War: I’m glad it’s over, how ‘bout you?”. I got a surprise because I got an A-!!! he even said that he liked the title!

• Ohhh… I bleached my hair and then dyed it blue again. It looked pretty good, but it has now washed out so I sort of have tan hair now.

• Ohh.. on St. Patrick’s Day the Dead are playing at Capital Center. I’m not going because it costs $32.00, but I am going to the Dead Market to hang out and buy some pot and maybe some blotter and a nitrous balloon. That night I am going to see King Missile at the 9:30 club.

• Did I tell you my friends and I got caught drinking in the dorm? Well, we did. We were drinking cheap red wine and vodka & Tang and we got too loud and an R.A. caught us and wrote us up. We only have to do 3 hours of community service so we are doing a teen angst movie night. We are showing “River’s Edge”, “Pump Up The Volume” and “Permanent Record”. We can also order pizza and chips and the dorm will pay for it! So our punishment is to do something fun!

• My roommate’s birthday was on March 31st. We gave him cool shit. Molly, Blythe and Sue stole dishes from the dining hall and painted cool shit on them and I gave him a poster of a picture I took of us all playing dead on the Exorcist Steps in Georgetown.

• I FORGOT TO TELL YOU! Our Spring concert is on April 25th and it’s going to be 10,00 Maniacs! I know one of the guys who works security and he’s going to get me a pass so I can meet Natalie! JIZZ!

• There’s this guy Max I met. He’s so funky! He goes to the same club we do. He wears the best clothes… all disco and rave and a few dresses.

• I have enough Camel cash to get a Zippo now. But it’s fluorescent orange.. like I’m going to use it to go hunting?!

• I tried to give blood the other day, but I pierced a second hole in my ear with a safety pin and you can’t give blood for a year after that.


getting better all the time

Google entry search term of the day:

"forced to jizz"



I don't look back

I can't get enough of this friggin' song. Thanks for the tip, Mr. Fox.

I want to make that sad boy smile.

With Every Heartbeat - Kleerup Feat. Robyn

Yeah.. like Show Me Love.. that Robyn.


searching.. searching..

The best search entry term I have seen for this blog to date:

"fat homo chubb daddies"

Mission accomplished.



oh-what-wow, he's the greatest dancer, oh-what-wow, that i've ever seen

My friend Johan is very sick right now. He's a fucking awesome guy and I'm happy to call he and his boyfriend Tom (and dogs Punky and Weebo) friends. My ex and I met Johan and Tom when we moved next door to them in Hell's Kitchen several years ago. We became fast friends because of the dogs and soon began hanging out for dinners and a cocktail or two.. or three.. or ten. When we moved into our new apartment a few blocks away, Johan and Tom were some of our first guests.. they showed up with a martini set, bottle of vodka and a container of salt for good luck.

The first time I went over to Johan's apartment I was surprised to see a framed poster from an American Ballet Theater production hanging on the wall. The poster featured Johan front and center. I soon learned that he danced with ABT for years and was a Principal for much of his tenure. He also starred in a made-for-TV movie called Dance! in 1987... I found a clip from it at one point, but can't seem to locate it now. It was pretty genius... feathered hair and denim jackets if I recall correctly.

Here's a clip of Johan dancing in an ABT production from the mid-80's:

I'm thinking about Johan a lot right now and hope that he and his family are together.

out with the old and in with the new

2006 was a bitch from start to finish.

I'm feelin' fresh and clean for 2007.

NYE recap:

Ohhhh, what fun!

Thanks to you and you for a balls-out New Year.

Thanks to you for the tix.

Thanks to you, you, you, you, you, you and you for the good times.

Did you have to bust any friends?

Where were you?
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